29 Ocak 2021 Cuma

Netherlands: Anti-curfew Protests Continues

Rioters in the usually peaceful Netherlands are on their third day of curfew protest destroying, burning, looting supermarkets and more. The new curfew is from 9 pm to 4.30 am local time.


The rioters also clashed with the police who uses dogs and horse, the police made use of water cannon and tear gas to control the situation and the rioters threw fireworks in return. The protesters also tried to attack a hospital on Tuesday attempting to vandalize it, but it was protected. Young protesters also set a Covid-19 testing facility on fire, where now other young people are crowdfunding to rebuild the facility.


“I hope it’s a once-off thing but I’m afraid it could harbinger for days and weeks to come” Koen Simmers, Head of police union told Dutch journalists.


At the moment, the Netherlands has 962 000 cases, 13 733 deaths and unreported recovery.

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